Pilot Amphora Boutique Hotel
Pilot Amphora Boutique Hotel
Pilot Amphora Boutique Hotel
Pilot Amphora Boutique Hotel
Pilot Amphora Boutique Hotel

Pilot Amphora Boutique Hotel is a 5-star classic hotel unit. At the beginning of the construction in 2018, floors of a Roman ceramic workshop of the 1st century BC were found. The genius loci and the enhancement and preservation of these antiquities determined the configuration of the final functional program and aesthetics.
The unit consists of four volumes, one of which houses the reception and dining areas and the rest contain the rooms. A large skylight is found above the double height lobby. The communication between the floors is served by an elaborate metal staircase. In the basement there are auxiliary spaces, a parking space, a gym and an exhibition area with conference equipment infrastructure, in which copies of the excavation findings are exhibited. The four volumes enclose an outdoor communal area with pool, a shaded seating area and a bar. Out of the 30 state-of-the-art rooms, 9 feature a loft, 2 are luxury suites, and 5 out of 19 standard rooms have private pools. The room bathrooms are designed as an open space with separate WC.
The purity of the earthy volumes is interspersed with structures attached to the facades, providing privacy. Cubic, metal frames lined with ceramic-colored cement are combined with abstract metal and glass elements, composing a dialogue between historicity and modern design. The green element and the attention to detail create a unique environment of serenity indoors, while creating a suitable microclimate for the exterior of the rooms.


Architectural Study: Kalligeris Architects: Giannis Kalligeris, Giorgos Kalligeris

Collaborator Architects: Iasonas Ameranis, Manos Marakakis

Interior-Exterior Design: Giorgos Chresohow

Civil Engineer: Anastasios - Ioannis Andreadakis

E/M engineering: Ilias Kanatakis – Kyriakos Kouklakis – Lefteris Kouklakis

Topographical survey: George Verykakis TOPO 3D

Excavation & Research: Nikolaos Maragkoudakis – Michalis Milidakis: Ephorate of Antiquities of Chania (Michalis Milidakis - Nikolaos Maragkoudakis)

Maintenance: Alexia Grammatikaki – Paraskevas Kallitsounakis – Kostas Nikiforos

Construction: ERGODOMI S.A. – ASTERAS S.A.

Photography: Giorgos Anastasakis (SOUTH space for photography) , Andreas Markakis (Andreas Markakis Photography)


Aluminium panels: metallock

Lighting equipment: Tsakirelis

External thermal insulation system – Cement mortars: Anni Marazaki

Furniture & Special constructions: EDEN WOOD

Construction: 2018-2020

Total area: 2.400 sq.m.

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