Hotel in Kournas
Hotel in Kournas

The village of Kournas of D. Apokoronos is of architectural interest, as the buildings of the area are identified by particular architectural elements which are found in many settlements of Crete. In the wider area, there are buildings, permanent and touristic residences that have undergone interventions and extensions in a way that is not consistent with the character of the area. Thus, It is proposed to construct a building with a division of the volumes which incorporates some of the characteristics of the buildings of the settlement such as external stairs, roofs and to a significant degree complexity in the structure of the volumes. At the same time, standardization is followed in the central part of the rooms for functional reasons.
On the ground floor and near the main entrance of the plot, the reception area, the breakfast room and the preparation room are designed. From north to south with an entrance from the west there are 2 volumes with 5 rooms on 2 levels, in the southern volume a single room (studio) and a single room accessible for wheelchair users.
On the floor there are two rooms, one two-room (above the reception) and one single-room (in the south building) with independent access via an external staircase.
The building is placed in the northern part of the plot, while the swimming pool and a building for a WC and changing rooms in contact with the rear boundary are placed in the southern part.


Giorgos Kalligeris

Donna Mavrigiannaki

Iason Ameranis


Anastasios Andradakis


Ioannis Papadakis

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