Private Villa
Private Villa

It is an area of ​​4 acres, not included in city plans, at "Agios Onofrios" area of ​​Chania. The stadium offers an unobstructed view towards the sea ​​to the north, the gulf of Chania to the west and the White Mountains to the south.

The aim of the architectural study was to design a two-storey house, intended as permanent residence for a family, with the potential to accommodate visitors. The dominant synthetic idea was that of the arched form through which besides making better use of the view, a space was created protected by the prevailing winds, open to the south. The building is located in the center of the plot, on the east-west axis, taking into account its correct orientation based on the principles of bioclimatic architecture. It consists of three bulks with a total area of ​​258 sq.m. The main building mass which is on the ground floor, is the connecting link between the other two. It is located in between and in retreat, aiming to strengthen the protection from northwestern winds, especially during the winter months. The shared and common functions of the residence are placed on the ground floor of the central mass, and include a single kitchen-dining area, which is separated from the living room with a linear composition of furniture. On either side of the central mass, are developed the private areas of the residence and the master bedroom. The western building bulk includes the master bedroom, which has a private bathroom and walk in closet. The eastern bulk (two floors) consists of two bedrooms, a shared wc and a bathroom on the ground floor and two bedrooms with one shared bathroom on the floor.

The large southern openings of the central building are its characteristic architectural elements, which allow ample natural light to enter the building all year round and at the same time offer solar gains in winter. Suitable shading to the south side, protects against unwanted solar gain during the hottest months of the year. To the north, the openings are kept to a minimum in order to provide greater protection from the winds. The thorough ventilation achieved through the openings to the north and south, contributes to cooling the building in the summer. The building is lined externally with stonework, except its south side. The two pitched roofs will be made of wooden trusses and covered with copper sheets, visible from inside the house.
The surrounding area of ​​the plot is planted with local plants and trees and appropriately configured with outdoor seating and sunshades. Much of the plot remains undeveloped in order to preserve its natural environment unchanged.

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Project Details
Title: Residence in Agios Onoufrios, Chania
Location: Agios Onofrios Chania, Crete
Architectural study: I. Kalligeris and G. Kalligeris
Static study: N. Kalligeris
Owner: Private
Year of study: 2010
Plot area: 4,065 sq.m
Total area: 258 sq.m.
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